U. K.

Queen Elizabeth dancing “lavolta” with the Earl of Leicester

Print, woodcut    1585  approximately

After a painting in Penshurst Palace. The couple dances the “volta“, a vigorous dance

U.K., France    court    royalty             

Wallace, Carol et al.: Dance, a very social history. New York, Rizzoli, 1986, pl. 2-4.

McKie, Helen (drawing)          

At the royal wedding ball at Royal Albert Hall  

Print     1922                10.5 x 11.2 cm


Queen Victoria and Prince Albert waltzing

Print, lithograph, color   1840    approximately

U.K., London, Victoria and Albert Museum

U.K., London   ballroom, waltz royalty Fonteyn, Margot: The magic of dance. London, British Broadcasting Corporation, 1980, p. 220. 5 2

Bal de cour au palais de Buckingham (Court ball in Buckingham Palace) Court ball in Buckingham Palace Print,
woodcut  1903 19.8 x 32 cm Illustration for the article
“Le président de la République à Londres” (The President of the Republic in London)
U.K., France court, ballroom royalty L’Illustration, 3151. Paris, 18/07/1903, p. 41. m4 3

The young Queen Victoria being amused          

Drawing1830   approximately 

The polka performed in the Buckingham Palace

Print     1848

Picnic given to Prince Arthur by the citizens of Halifax                           

Print, woodcut  1869    16.3 x 24 cm   

Greece, Athens, collection Alkis Raftis 

Ball at Halifax, Nova Scotia, in honour of Prince Arthur                        

Print, woodcut  1869    24 x 34.5 cm 

Ferdinandus (drawing)

The voyage of the Prince of Wales across India

Print, woodcut  1876    30.9 x 22.1 cm

Alkis Raftis collection

State visit to the City. The royal quadrille

Print, woodcut  1863    23.8 x 34.3 cm

Dance at the court of England  


Drawing, manuscript illumination, miniature, color 1450 approximately  


France, Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale (MS fr. 74, fol. 1)           


The court jester playing a bagpipe leads a couple to a promenade dance.          

U.K., France    court    royalty  Wavrin, Jean de: Anchiennes cronicques d’Engleterre

Peasants dancing before the Crown Prince of Prussia and the Duke of Saxe-Coburg, at Eisgrub, Moravia

Print, woodcut  1866    24 x 34.5 cm

Greece, Athens, collection Alkis Raftis

Germany, Moravia traditional, couple royalty  The Illustrated London News, 049. London, 25/08/1866, p. 176. Original

Dance of peasantry on the lawn at Carton

Print, engraving, wood 1849   15 x 23.5 cm

Royal visit to the Duke of Leinster at Carton, near Maynooth, about 16 miles from Dublin. Her Majesty and party witnessed what we may term a genuine Irish jig, danced to the music of an Irish piper, by several of the Duke’s tenants and their wives and daughters.

Janssens, Hieronymus (painting)           

Her Majesty’s costume ball. Costume of the Restoration

Print, woodcut  1851  10 x 15 cm

Grand festival given to Charles the 2nd at The Hague, just previous to his departure for England to resume his crown.

Minuet in the throne room

Print, woodcut  1845   17 x 23 cm

 In the Throne room, M. Musard, with his orchestra, was stationed, and in this apartment the Queen danced the Minuet de la Cour, Musard’s new quadrille and Polonaise, both composed by command of her Majesty for the occasion. The quadrille is entitled “Quadrille de 1845 de la Cour d’Angleterre, ou Souvenir de 1740 et 50”

Steiger, Isabel de         

The dancing queen                                                                                                       

Painting, oil on panel  1888  62.2 x 31.7 cm

U.K., South Kensington, Christie’s  Signed and dated

State ball at Buckingham Palace. The Scotch reel

Print  1875       22.5 x 29.4 cm

Alkis Raftis collection

U.K., London   reel, traditional  royalty  The Graphic, 011. London, 19/06/1875, p. 584-585.   Original



State ball at Buckingham Palace. A royal quadrille

Print  1873   42.8 x 30.3 cm    

 U.K., London   quadrille, ballroom royalty  The Graphic, 007. London, 28/06/1873, p. 608-609.   Original   m5, XL            6

Hall, Sydney P. (drawing)        

View of the ball from the gallery           

Print     1885    10 x 14 cm      

 The coming of age of Prince Albert Victor – The festivities at Sandringham

Cleaver, Reginald (drawing)     

The German Emperor’s visit: The state ball at Buckingham Palace 

Print     1891    12 x 12.8        

U.K., London, Germany quadrille, ballroom, couple, mixed royalty  The Graphic, 044. London, 12/1891, Christmas number, p. 3.

A Burmese ballet, as performed before H.R.H. Prince Albert Victor                 

Print 1890        15.3 x 22.4 cm

Holbein, Habs & Clouet, François dit Janet (painting)   

Henry the 8th, Anne Boleyn and others.

The “Dancing picture”

Print     1890    16.5 x 13.5 cm

Hall, Syndey P. (drawing)   The Shahzadah at the state ball at Buckingham Palace   

Print 1895  30.5 x 22.8 cm    

Iran, U.K.  ballroom, round  royalty  The Graphic, 051. London, 08/06/1895, p. 680.   Original  m5       6

McKie, Helen (drawing)          

At the royal wedding ball at Royal Albert Hall  

Print     1922                10.5 x 11.2 cm

At the Court of Victoria: The Queen and Prince Albert in a country dance         

Print     1924                8.3 x 11.1 cm  

Dowd, James (drawing)           

The grown-up children’s celebration of the peace pageant. An impromptu dance for the King and Queen                                                                                             

Print     1919                15 x 22.7 cm   

A dance which greatly amused the King and Queen during a visit to Hyde Park.

Sailor Princes at Fiji – War dance by electric light         

Print, wood      1892    12.2 x 10 cm   

 Prince Albert Victor and Prince George on board the “Bacchante” 

Maurand, C. (engraving)          

Court balls – The imperial quadrille                                                                   

Print     1890    approximately   31.5 x 48 cm   

Alkis Raftis collection

Ball at the Royal Naval Barracks, Devonport, in honour of the Duchess of Edinburgh

Print, wood   1891  16.6 x 23.5 cm